Nurse-s Notes

Health Clinic


Krista Ehm is the school nurse at Hoover. She is at Hoover throughout the week. 

Mrs. Mooney is the Health Secretary and is in the clinic each day to assist students if they are not feeling well, get injured at school or need medication.

Reporting Absences             

A twenty-four hour answering machine has been installed in the health clinic for reporting student absences.  The number is 558-2370, and may also be used for any health concerns you may have regarding your child.

When reporting an absence please:

  •     Give your name
  •     The student's name
  •     Student's homeroom teacher
  •     The reason for the absence
  •     Brief description of the illness
  •     Leave a number if you want your call returned


When a student is ill, he/she will report to the health clinic.  After taking the student's temperature, a decision will be made to:

  •     Send the student back to the classroom
  •     Have the student rest in the clinic
  •     Contact the parent/guardian

A student must stay at home for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine, ie: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aspirin, etc.

Administration of Medication to Students        

Only medication prescribed by a legal prescriber* shall be administered during the time the student is at school.  A legal prescriber's signature is required for administration of any non-prescription medication.  Written authorization and instruction shall be provided by the parent or legal guardian.  The school shall have the right to contact the prescriber's office to confirm or clarify medication instructions.  All medication shall be supplied to the school in the original container, properly labeled, and shall be administered only by the school nurse or other personnel who have successfully completed a medication administration course reviewed by the Board of Pharmacy Examiners.  A written medication administration record shall be on file at school.  All medication shall be stored in a secure area unless alternate provision is documented.  Medication records shall be kept confidential.

*Legal Prescriber - Physician, dentist, podiatrist, licensed physician's assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner.

A medication permission form must be completed before any medication can be administered at school.

Accidents and Emergencies     

An emergency card is sent home each year to be filled out and returned.  It is extremely important to note all information requested and to keep the card up-to-date as changes are made during the school year.  Should an accident or serious illness occur, the school will immediately notify parents/guardian or persons designated on the emergency card.  In cases where parents/guardian or emergency contacts cannot be notified, the school will assume responsibility for making proper decisions as to first aid or medical attention.