Principal Page

Principal Clint Stone

Hello Hoover families,

This month our students in grades 3-5 took the annual Iowa Assessments.  The results of these assessments won’t be available until the end of the year.  We will use them as one piece of our ongoing assessments to monitor student growth.  Throughout the year, our students complete building and district assessments that are more effective in helping us determine where our students need assistance, and where they have made growth on our priority standards from the previous assessment.  We are constantly looking for what each of our students need, and how we can best support their individual needs.

During our conferences in February, many of you took the opportunity to complete the Title 1 survey for the district.  We really appreciated your willingness to take a few extra minutes to let us know your thoughts.  We are always reflecting, and looking for ways to improve our practice.  Your feedback is part of that process, and I am looking forward to reviewing the results of the survey.

Throughout the year, we have really emphasized helping our students developing what is called a “growth mindset”.  I discussed this once earlier in the year, but thought I would share some phrases we use at school that you could use at home to help your children also realize that through hard work and problem solving, they are capable of taking on any challenge.

Instead of:                              Try Thinking:

I’m not good at this.                What am I missing?

I give up.                                 I’ll try a different strategy.

This is too hard.                                  This may take some time and effort.

I made a mistake.                    Mistakes help me to learn better.

It’s good enough.                    Is it really my personal best?

Thanks so much for always supporting our students, and for making sure that they persevere, and never give up!

Take care,

Clint Stone

Principal, Hoover Elementary